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Html Form | GET vs POST

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Some simple stuff that a lot developers may mixup / confuse about — POST vs GET.

POST and GET are the most common use FORM submittion method used in html, as long as you’re working / doing in web application; you cant runaway from it.

Here is the simple comparison:


  1. Form data will appear within a message body.
  2. More functionality: retrieves, stores, updates data, makes modifications to databases, and so on.
  3. Not cacheable.
  4. Can buffer long URLs.
  5. Considered more secure.


  1. Form data is encoded by the browser into a URL.
  2. Best used for retrieving data.
  3. Cacheable.
  4. Cannot buffer long URLs.
  5. Considered less secure.





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November 6, 2008 at 16:01

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