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Disable BEEP sound in Terminal

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I’m not sure this is the best solution or not, but its work!
This is an output of my google when I want to disable the error beep sound in terminal.
The beep sound I’m talking about is the annoying sounds like
“beep” or “tuuu” when you’re over pressing backspace or type something wrong in terminal.

The solution that I’m going to share here is COPY from netty5.
I feel that its very useful especially to those who is not familiar with terminal,
coz everything can be done by few mouse clicks.

1. Move your pointer to the top-left corner of your desktop.
2. Click on “Applications” > “Accessories” > “Terminal”. A terminal will be pop up.
3. On the Terminal, click on “Edit” > “Profiles..”. A small windows named “Profile” will be pop up and a “Default” profile is selected by default.
4. Click on “Edit” in the Profile window. Another small window will be pop up.
5. Click on “General” tab, UNCHECK the “Terminal bell”, and close all poped up windows. And you’re done. no more “beeeep” or “tuuuuu” sounds 🙂

FYI, I’m using Ubuntu 9.04 at the moment.

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June 16, 2009 at 18:36

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