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Ant | Connection Reset

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error during FTP transfer: Connection reset

The above is the latest collection of error I hit during my first touch with Mr. Ant, Apache 😛
From the error message, it hints that there must be something wrong with connection/network.
To troubleshoot network related problem, wireshark always is your best partner.
This is the trace I captured when I execute Ant-Ftp.


Based on the trace on hand, I got the clearer picture now.
The trace shows that, the client ( was sent a FTP handshake request to server (
The server replied with a RST flag. Generally, RST flag brings the meaning of ‘Reset’.
From a source I get from www,
The reset flag is used when a segment arrives that is not intended for the current connection.
That’s clear that the server rejected the FTP initial request from client.

By doing some checking on the services running in server, I found that the FTP service in server is not running 😦
That’s why the FTP initial request from client is rejected by the server.

When working in such internetworking environment, some times its not your code/configuration problem. This is another lesson learned..

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February 18, 2009 at 12:42

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